Never Thought...But Here I Am

It's so amazing how people can help give you a focus. Some of these people never get the opportunity to know the impact of that ONE conversation...The one of a few sentences...I never thought that I would write books for emergent readers, but I am glad that I have the spirit of optimism and an open-mind of creativity where I do not deny my thoughts space to be grow and be replanted in the soils of the earth.

‚ÄčMy Aspirations
  • To create books for children that promotes critical thinking skills, builds their confidence, and allows for their imagination to be free
  • To be an inspiration, even if it's a pin-hole of hope poked through the dark canvas of one's mind
  • To provide parents and teachers with resources to aid in their instructional support

Teaching has been my craft for ten years! It has allowed for me to be creative and has given me much unexpected laughter from little, wonderful people! I have taught kindergarten and second grade, but I have spent most of my career teaching third grade. Teaching has taught me... And I LOVE learning! 

Salute to teachers around the world for ALL your sacrifices, especially that of your TIME! Teachers, you sacrifice the most, including your personal aspirations...Please, dust them off... Put them on display...For Your Dreams, too do NOT deserve to tarnish...


Shauntaye Jan-Cel

One of the greatest loves is to educate a child...
One of the greatest loves is your commitment in doing this...